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Dr. Janet Gersten, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains her work on medical trials related to gynecologic issues. She also says she is working on one for cytomegalovirus (CMV), a very common virus that causes a cold and other symptoms that most patients are immune to them.

She points out that about 50% of babies (from women that get CMV when they are pregnant) are born with a congenital anomaly, such as hearing loss and some neurologic problems. She highlights the trial is to try a vaccine for CMV.


I want to talk about your practice it’s such a special practice not only New Age women’s health but there’s also new-age medical research because as you mentioned you stopped delivering babies in 2001 sort of focused on clinical trials so talking about the both well actually at the time I stopped obstetrics at that time is the time that we started the research business I started the research business and have grown it into a really top-notch clinical trial site in private clinical trials site in the United States with it we really enjoy a very top-notch a plus reputation in in women’s health trials for contraception menopause anything related to to gynecologic issues you’re currently working on a trial right now for CMV is that correct that is correct you can share that with our viewers at home of what that is and and what are we seeing from these trials and what CMB is CMV cytomegalovirus it sounds really awesome but it’s not it’s a very common virus that causes a cold or really no symptoms with most most patients and probably four out of five people adults walking around are immune to it they’ve had it they develop immunity and they’re not susceptible to really getting it again but if you’re in that group of one out of five people approximately and you’ve never had it and you do get it when you’re pregnant about 15 percent of those babies born have a congenital anomaly hearing loss some neurologic problems and is actually the the problems from from that are more common than Down syndrome and so it’s a it’s merc is a large company that’s big on vaccines and they have come out with a vaccine for CMV and we are in the later stages of clinical trials to promote that and it’s a it’s a great thing because women who join the trials who are vulnerable to getting it can avail themselves of this vaccine that is still going to take several more years to come to the market so we’re looking for patients who were willing to to do it was very safe very effective and and very needed.

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