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Osteoporosis means that the bone is a little more brittle and weaker, affirms Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute.
With a digital imaging, the specialist describes a healthy bone is tight. In the case of osteoporosis, the bone has more space than it originally had. Fractures can happen more frequently.
The doctor says the bone has been fed by the hormones. When the bone does not receive enough estrogen, it starts to lose strength and it becomes more brittle, he explains.


This is dr. manaan will you explain what osteoporosis is okay the normally osteoporosis this is the normal bone this will be the abnormal bone del Sur product phone normally just to make it plain and simple officer proces means that the bone is a little more brittle this weaker so normally as you can see a healthy bone they all the inside the bone or what we call the network within the bone it’s really packing tight okay so that means that that bone is healthy very unlikely to to spontaneously fracture however someone who has a osteoporosis someone has a more brittle bones that network inside the bone is more loose so there is more space that is that space so that means that anything that you do it cannot support a lot of that that that stress and it can easily break so sometimes some a normal physiological loading normally can cause those bones to break themselves it’s different than someone who has a normal healthy bone that you require abnormal over physiological loading those are the ones that are going to break this this type of bones so if you have osteoporosis you have a higher risk of bones breaking it’s just a lot easier to break your bone correct the bonus is it’s more brittle so doesn’t have didn’t and enough trends why is osteoporosis so common to begin with also Prosis normal is common because normally the bone itself has been fed by the hormones so there are some hormones that normally as you were saying known is more common in women normally the estrogen novels is the one that normally starts feeding the bones so normally the bones if they don’t receive enough estrogen like in postmenopausal women the estrogen level tends to to decrease or diminish so they’re not supplying properly those bones so those bones they don’t have the enough food to to get fed up so those they will start losing their strength and they are becoming more more brittle easier to develop a fracture you

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