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Pain in the Lumbar Spine |

Pain in the Lumbar Spine, Health Channel

Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, says in the spine the most common affected parts would be the second or the last two levels, because 75% of the stress from the spine comes from the L5 level.

He explains the pain is age-related, because with the wear and tear, the spine can degenerate, and also genetic competitions can play a factor.


Pain in the Lumbar Spine, Health Channel

What area of that spine is the most common that you see most common with pain most commonly affected will be the second the last two levels either the l4 l5 or the l5 s1 so those are the ones that normally get affected at most wise around 75 percent of the mobility of the spine comes up from the l5 s1 level and about 15% comes up from the l4 five level so those are normally there there’s a lot of more wear and tear and there are people there normally they might get more since they’re moving around they’re doing some activities those are levels that they get can get compromised and they getting they can get affected and become more painful and is that age related doctor is it genetic could it be a combination of both because you’ll see some people in their 80s that are perfectly fine and then you see some people that are in a lot of pain so is it both factors both are factors the most common one will be related as we age normally the constant wear and tear those they can degenerate and that can cause you symptoms and also genetic also Kenan can play a role factor there we know that from statistic that over 90% of patients or the age of 60 they will have the inner drive changes already on the spine but that doesn’t mean because you might have some changes from arthritis already on the spine that doesn’t translate that you have to have symptoms it will depend on what you have done over live and they wear and tear and also some genetic component ok one last question become before you come join us and wait being overweight is that a factor – definitely a factor the more overweight the patient is the normally the center of gravity is passing through the spine here so they’re more overweight is the center of gravity shifted shifts away from the spine the more torque you put into the spine they’re more likely that you can degenerate the elements in the lower back

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