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Plant based diet myths debunked! |

Learn from two registered dietitians as they debunk they myths and theories in having a plant-based diet!


It’s bland it’s too expensive i won’t get enough protein there are so many excuses why people don’t go plant-based i actually used to say that too but best-selling author marco borges and
registered dietitian natalie castro debunked these myths take a look all right let’s be more conscious now about uh misconceptions so i’m gonna throw the first one at you okay i have a few of them uh people say that it’s just too expensive to be uh either vegan or plant-based diets natalie so no healthy eating is not expensive especially when you’re looking at just plant foods so what does get expensive as those animal proteins when you’re looking at beans you’re looking at cents per pound compared to six seven dollars a per pound for animal proteins so as far as being the least expensive uh diet that you can have would be a plant-based diet okay something i always tell people when they tell me you know you try to eat healthy and i really do and there are some things that we buy i could see that are a little bit expensive but i always tell people it’s more expensive to be sick in the future than to invest in uh better food today so think about that too right a doctor on the health channel said that to me and i never forgot it he said olga actually he said olgita it’s more expensive to be sick in the future than to invest a few more cents today that’s why prevention is worth a pound of cure oh yeah we have such great little sound bites today this is fantastic okay here’s another misconception uh they will not get enough protein from a plant-based diet i’m taking that one oh wow marco gotta take it what did you do on the table this is this is something we hear far too often but the reality is we’ve had this obsession with animal protein over the last 60 70 years and we realized that it’s all nonsense we’re suffering for more heart disease than ever we’re suffering from more cancer than ever we’re suffering for more diabetes than ever they’re all linked to increased meat intake meat protein remember when was the last time you heard someone having a protein deficiency when was the last time you ever heard of someone say to you i had a friend who was just hospitalized because he had a protein deficiency it doesn’t happen it’s true we americans are eating twice the amount of protein we should be eating on a daily basis guess what we have we don’t have a protein deficiency we have a fiber deficiency we eat half the amount of fiber we should be on a daily basis that’s a big problem it’s actually an 8 billion dollar constipation problem so we don’t have an issue with we don’t have an issue with protein we don’t have an issue with animal protein we have a fiber deficiency so anyone that tells you that you’re going to have a protein deficiency on a plant-based diet is absolutely nonsense they don’t know they don’t know what they’re talking about that was fantastic i love that i’m just like writing down all these great sound bites marco up importance of fiber i mean it really is not just to go to the bathroom every day yeah which is important to do which i do by the way tmi no you have to go every day right you feel better well it’s in its healthy um habits so what happens is as the stool sits inside the intestines if we want to get technical here is it increases our risk for for colon cáncer and for diverticulosis and different digestion disorders so it is very important that we are getting our fiber and we need at least 30 25 to 30 grams per day and like marco said people are not getting that most people barely eat one vegetable per day which is nuts it’s crazy every every meal should have at least one cup of vegetables that’s our recommendation absolutely well it’s like having a big house party at home and not taking out the trash imagine what your house would look like after three years another fabulous analogy think about it visualize it you have to be able to visualize it how steep got to take out the trash absolutely okay i’m gonna give this one to marco because he’s on fire now okay i have a feeling he’s gonna go they say some people say that you don’t get enough nutrients on a plant-based diet well i’m scared to hit me now well the reality is the reality is that a plant-based diet is much more nutrient-dense and the beauty is that it’s less calorically dense so you’re actually getting more nutrients and less calories this is why people lose weight on a plant-based diet when people ask well how is it that you lose weight on a plant-based diet you wind up eating more food right because there’s more volume of food because there’s fewer calories but in that food there’s a lot more nutrient density and guess what you’re also eating fiber one thing we didn’t mention is fiber only exists in plants you can’t you have to eat plants in order to get fiber there is no fiber in any animal products zero so if you want fiber you have to eat plants right so when you look at where you’re going to get your nutrients from you’re getting a lot more nutrient density from the plants all right i have a couple more but before we get to them let me just show our viewers our phone number in case you want to partake with us and ask a question or two eight five five seven nine six four four seven five you know we always love to hear from you and we take your call a-s-a-p all right so here’s another one um people kind of think that they’re not going to get enough of the vitamins especially like vitamin b12 and what’s another one that i wrote down here just vitamins in general Natalie and then i have a good one for you marco yeah so when you’re 100 plant-based or if someone calls himself vegan you want to make sure that there’s two new two nutrients that you want to make sure you’re supplementing with which would be your b12 and your vitamin d so but this is something that the general population needs as well so as we age we have less risk i mean we increase our risk for the absorption of b12 so it’s just something that we want to make sure that we’re getting in in addition okay and dietary supplements do you what do you think about those so it all depends if we’re eating a very balanced healthy diet and that’s what we recommend right that we’re eating our our vegetables we’re having our whole grains and we’re getting those beans in for the protein options that we have on our meal then we’re able to make sure that our meals are balanced and that they’re nutritious nutriently dense oh boy it’s okay don’t worry you’re doing fantastic okay so this is my misconception okay so this is one that i would say to marco oh my gosh bring it on the lord help me no but you know i’m going to be honest i think the viewers know that because they know i’m a carnivore you know i love ribeye medium rare i eat everything i mean you put anything in front of me olgita eats it um i just feel like it would be bland and boring yeah i’m sure you hear that yeah no absolutely diet to me would be bland and boring true or false false absolutely false you wind up eating a much wider variety of foods look at that and the beauty of it is is that everything that you do to meat you can do to plants so what makes meat dishes taste so great is that you add spices you add herbs you add a bunch of really amazing by the way which are all plant-based that’s true so if you season the food well you’re going to wind up having an incredibly delicious meal that’s also going to be nutritionally dense but the beauty of it is that you’re going to be eating a lot more foods than you typically eat most people wonder what a plant-based diet consists of and they think immediately oh it’s all greens all day long but the reality is that it couldn’t be further from that because we know the bounty of variety that there is in the grains the seeds the nuts the legumes the beans the vegetables the fruits there’s a lot more variety in the plant kingdom than there is in the animal kingdom okay something i want to get to before i go to a break is also your thoughts on natalie on processed foods so processed foods they’re chemically enhanced right so we are making these different things with additives and things that are not natural but we’re putting in natural flavors it’s something that chemicals have been put together to make a flavor taste to our taste buds the way it would taste naturally

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