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How do symptoms change from the first to the second trimester? Dr. Eduardo Valdes, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about women starting to feel better, women not being as tired as they were before, and the body finally adapting to the changes in the hormones.


Before the break we discussed the first trimester of pregnancy now moving on to the second trimester so how might the symptom changes I am welcome the second trimester I think many women so tell me why so they just start to feel overall better they start to feel better they can start tolerating they’re not as nauseous all the time they’re not as tired as they were before you now the the body has finally adapted to the changes in the hormones and so they just started to feel feel better overall they’re able to eat they’re not you know running to the bathroom all the time and so it’s just a better overall feeling as being pregnant it’s probably the best part of the pregnancy okay so let’s clarify something because they call it morning sickness yes but it’s not necessarily morning sickness because it can last you can last throughout the whole day and sometimes patients have it at night worse than in the morning right and so it just depends on how on how you how you feel and how it goes with you know for every individual patient okay so we didn’t talk about the baby bump which is obviously one of the amazing things about pregnancy and tell me a little bit about when you should start seeing a baby bump or is that dependent on the individual so it depends on the individual depending on the patient sometimes they’ll show a little earlier on the second trimester sometimes it’ll take the middle portion between you know 20 you know 16 to 20 weeks and then so somewhere around there you’ll start to see a little bump start to show and so you know depending on how the patient how for each individual patient it will be a little slightly different of when they’ll start to show but usually after the first trimester the uterus will come out of the pelvis and it’ll start to show a little bit you.

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