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Some advice to prevent back pain includes practicing good posture when you stand or sit, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, exercising to keep your back and abdomen strong and flexible, and taking steps to reduce stress on your back.

Dr. Ronald Tolchin, Medical Director of the Baptist Health Center for Spine Care, says it is important to maintain a healthy weight, because the spine has a certain capacity. He points out if we have too much weight on it, it starts to interfere with the capacity of the spine to maintain it.


A graphic here to help to prevent back pain let’s talk about a few of these practice good posture when you stand or sit that’s really important it’s very important just like you were reminding me your earlier to sit up straight and sometimes we forget and we let our posture go well slouched we slash and then we come home from a long day and we get on this off and we sink into it ouch again or what about just the fact that people are on their phones today and if we could take a quick two-shot how are we looking when we’re on our phones right like this like this right right we talked about text neck before and that’s a problem because we bring our heads down and we’re doing this and time goes by and you start to stretch the muscles and you’re in your neck and I’m consulate L my kids get up you know get up all right let’s look at the next one maintain a healthy weight we mentioned that for a few seconds eat a healthy diet exercise to keep your back and abdomen strong and flexible the abdomen the before how important is that well if we all walked around with six-packs and our abdomen not the other type of six-pack but the one in our abdominal muscles do you have one oh I’m not gonna say but I’m not gonna show it here but yeah I’m working on that okay so if we all had strong abdomens then that would take the stress off our spine it would pull us a little forward and more erect of course and then the last one was to take steps to reduce stress on your back and that’s important too because any set of movement can cause absolutely we have to lift right we have to bend right as we get older we have to walk we have to keep our posture as you mentioned you know if you get onto an elevator it has a certain capacity right and it’s just like our spine it has a certain capacity if we have too much weight on it then it starts to interfere with the capacity of the spine to maintain it and that’s why we need to keep our way to as much as close to ideal body weight as we can and that’s why we need to strengthen the muscles around the spine in the all-around spine the front the back the sides the legs have to be strong to bend correctly you

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