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Preventing Osteoporosis in Young Athletes |

Strength training helps bone build-up, because it stimulates osteoblastic activity, which is the formation of bones. Dr. Luis Rodriguez, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, talks about the importance of vitamin C and calcium in a daily diet.


So why is strength training important for health well strength training also helps that bone build-up it stimulates osteoblastic activity which is the formation of bones so we always emphasize that not only aerobic exercise is important but also strength and resistance training engaging those muscles in weight and resistance activity is going to be very important as well for our health also if we’re preparing for a sport or physical activity stronger our muscles are the better are our performance as well that’s why you see that in many many athletes at high level these days are truly multi-sport athletes they they don’t only run or jog or ride the bike they cross-training they go to the gym they lift weights it’s all about balance so yeah it is very important and in particular for bone health as we all get older it becomes more important as well so why it’s important than that you have to make sure that calcium and vitamin D is in your diet this is part of the regaining that bone density of course yes calcium is key to the bone metabolism and vitamin D will help us absorb that calcium and use it the right way essentially so we got to make sure that we have enough intake it doesn’t always have to be supplemented it can come from our normal diets but in some cases you may need supplementation particularly as we all get older and I say all of us because you know this is not just a condition that as we age it’s just going to be for Grandma right grandpa also gets it right as we say in the National Osteoporosis point we will get it – yeah exactly so you kind of let leading me to my next question because I want to know about supplements can you take supplements or and sometimes you hear about these fad diet pills to lose weight or do you think that’s like a very tricky it can it can be a slippery slope yes I think nothing replaces good nutrition nothing replaces real food okay but supplements may have a place for example you know after you exercise if you supplement some protein for recovery that can be a good thing as we talked about calcium vitamin D can also have a place in the management of these conditions or in prevention but we all have to emphasize good nutrition a adequate caloric intake and unhealthy a healthy amount and healthy exercise intensity as well you

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