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Realistic Expectations on Plastic Surgery |

Realistic Expectations on Plastic Surgery, Health Channel

Dr. Ricardo Castrellon, Director of South Miami Hospital’s Burn Center, says now with all the Marvel movies, men want to look muscular and like superheroes.

He points out men want to enhance the chest and make sure they have well-defined pectoral muscles, and about the expectations he highlights doctors can tell the patients there will be a lot of effort.


Realistic Expectations on Plastic Surgery, Health Channel

So let’s take a look at some iconic figures from last century we have here images of the classic man the Cary Grant’s the young Paul Newman’s good looking dapper guys but now we have what other iconic figures can you think of that illustrate the idea looks for certain time periods you can think about Clint Eastwood you can think about oh my god I just look like other people but then now most recently you’ll see people like Brad Pitt and Troy you can see Clooney George Clooney but then we have the different spectrum yeah different specs and we have modern celebrities Ryan Reynolds we have the rock that that image of the really bulky and strong muscular man is this something that we’re seeing oh yeah man really it tells you that trend I can tell you especially now with all those Marvel movies that all the men want to look musculature they like they want to look like Captain America’s old six-pack shizzle six-pack in that really enhance that chest you they want to make sure they have those will define pectoralis muscles so you or yours definitely seeing that trend but I think it’s important to know it’s something that you just mentioned is how do we stick to the realistic expectations of a patient so how do you have that discussion with your patient when they do bring in a picture of the rock yeah-oh or troy it’s an interesting conversation you know it we can tell them you know there’s gonna be a lot of effort we should also do some more you know the ideal candidate is gonna be a candidate who also already has some type of a background and what I mean back when they have exercise they have some type of you know they have some step of skeletal support they have good well-defined bones and what they find muscles and those will be your best candidate so but the good thing about it is sometimes it’s patients after they have liposuction or sometimes we’ll tell them well we’ll be able to achieve these are gonna be what we’re gonna try to achieve we set some goals and we told we’re gonna do then the stages and what happens is patient goes for liposuction one time he looks good he gets excited he starts working out the second time around it’s easier and you see him they get excited that sometimes they go oh my god I hopefully should have operate on him faster no one surgery the second time around that’s good discover the gym after yeah exactly but they do discover the gym and they get very excited they get happy and you can see it on you know their body habitus and how they present themselves dances the result exactly

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