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Running while Pregnant, Health Channel

Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says running can be good for pregnancy, because the muscles in the vagina will be helped by the strength of the legs and the buttocks.

He also explains the epidural allows mothers to relax; and when they have been exercising, they can relax the muscles and that allows them having a faster delivery.


Running while Pregnant, Health Channel

Because I ran I ran a lot but how does that help and then getting ready for that delivery and making it easier not only on mom but on baby to doctor well I think that the fact that those muscles are straining the strength of those muscles has gotten better through the pregnancy and the stretching how allow those ligaments to expand and not to contract would definitely help significant remember that the in the liver itself is you have to have a loose muscles that relax secondary to certain physiological effects that happens and allows for the vagina to dilate to the cervix to dilate the uterus contract and all those are muscles and you know even though some of those are inside muscles like the muscles of the uterus the ones in the vagina are gonna significantly helped by having strength of your legs your buttocks are more tiny without having to have you know contract muscle that will not allow to I mean one of the big things that epidural does for people is allow you to relax when you are able to have these exercises and you are able to relax those muscles and that allows you to a faster labor won’t discuss early how fast you deliver me which is a primary delivery within seven hours is amazing we just found that out so it’s just to let you know that she was in great shape that’s fantastic now go ahead so our body helps us out you know the ovaries and the placenta they release a hormone called relaxin and that helps relax the leg and the ligaments around the pelvis however that’s the same reason why I mentioned that those twisting and pivoting and exercises that put strain on your joints is dangerous because it not only relaxes those ligaments but it can also loosen up the UM your other joints so that’s why you have to be careful with those sharp jolty type of movements you.

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