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There are some good advices for self-care for low back pain, such as short rest period, activity modification, heat or ice therapy and over-the-counter pain medications.

Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist at Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, explains when we are doing an activity for so long, we have back problems and we want to rest. “If you’re doing a certain activity and you feel that you’re starting to have back problems, just change that activity, do something else,” he says.


And there are things at home that we can actually do that help provide some relief, shall we say. We have a list that we also want to show you and some of these are just like oh that’s right you know like it’s just good advice to go over and touch up on them so Dr. Mena. > Yeah. Normally a short rest period right yeah normally that would be fine we’re doing an activity so long we have back problems you want to rest you don’t want out there studies that they show that you don’t want to rest before more than 48 hours or 2 days that can be a little more detrimental activity modification if you’re doing certain activity and you feel that you’re starting to have back problem just change that activity do something else eyes and he gets very common if you have a some back problems or any pain in general. So you can apply either or at that point and over-the-counter pain medications such as Aleve or Advil will be fine to take the inflammation out and help the patients with the symptoms. > And I always come back to the core and I think that’s just so important if you can both chime in on it you know just even just core exercises that keep this strong I’m so important isn’t it doctor? > I agree. So core strengthening exercises are very important so something that we want people to engage in a healthy active lifestyle and part of that is engaging your core sitting up straight and making sure that you’re mindful of it back braces are something that a lot of patients ask about certainly and that’s that’s something that we generally advise against unless you have a structural problem that requires a back brace. So instability or things like this. Using the back brace actually weakens your core and will make your back problems worse in the long run unless you have a medically prescribed reason to wear that brace. So going to the store and buying one for yourself and self prescribing it isn’t isn’t going to help you necessarily.

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