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Dr. Manuel Torres, Family Medicine Physician at Baptist Health Primary Care, says sleep can affect how much hormones are secreted and made. “It’s very important that we understand that sleep, and particularly during what’s called Non REM sleep, really helps balance out the hormones,” he explains.

He points out sleeping is important, because if you are sleeping efficiently, the brain is appropriately receiving the signals.


What about stress in our lives because stress tells our brain a lot of things have to suddenly come out of nowhere. How do we deal with that, and then how does that affect this whole issue? So one of the other things I was on that graphic was sleep, right. So sleep can actually affect how much of these hormones are are secreted and made it’s also very important that we understand that during sleep and particularly during what’s called non REM sleep that time in your brain is that it’s at its core basic functions it really helps balance out these hormones. > But, how do you control it?I mean is it one of those things that happens… we try to control stress every day but is it simply something that comes out of the brain that activates that is part of the whole hunger issue itself what we can — The brain receives the signal from the hormones that are created outside of the brain. The brain balances out and that’s the idea, so that’s why sleep is important because if you’re sleeping efficiently then the brain is appropriately receiving these signals one of the core pillars of obesity medicine treatment is evaluating you for something called obstructive sleep apnea. If here is an interrupted sleep architecture and I’ll try to explain quickly what that means then your brain is not receiving those signals during the most important time which is during healthy sleep so getting healthy exercise as we’ve often hear is just as important as getting healthy sleep and part of the reason why that is we know now is because during non-rem sleep you need to be able to interpret those hormone in hormonal influences normally and if you’re having difficulties breathing and you’re struggling and gasping for air and the brain really isn’t doing that very efficiently and that may lead to more obesity.

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