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There are some tips for whiter teeth: brushing teeth twice a day for two minutes, using a whitening toothpaste, flossing once a day, limiting that stain in your teeth, like coffee, tea and red wine, not smoking or using tobacco, visiting the dentist for checks and cleanings.
Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, CEO & General Dentist with SOMI Dental Group, explains the sheer white is one of the systems for teeth-whitening, but he doesn’t recommend it.
He advises the core whitening system, because it’s a natural system and it removes the acids out of the system. The doctor affirms he has offered this system for two years, and patients still have the teeth white.


We have a couple of tips that you should be aware of to you know keep that pearly white going and their common sense but you know brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes remember the two minutes use a whitening toothpaste flossing once a day limiting foods that stain your teeth like coffee tea and red wine we just talked about that not smoking and visit the dentist for checks and cleanings okay so let’s talk about some treatments that we could do that are really good and last longer what do you suggest doctor so the sheer white is one of the systems that we use as part of like an intro an initial intro into the office right strips I don’t normally recommend why because the strip’s kind of go straight onto the teeth kind of like a band-aid would so what I always tell the patients is you get kind of like a piano key look you’ll the strip’s don’t get in between the teeth so you’ll have white and then dark white in the dark so your teeth kind of like panel keys what a great so yeah so there’s a couple of in office treatments you’ll have products like Zoom the product that we offer in the office called core I love it a lot it’s the more of a natural system it’s not completely organic but it basically removes the acids out of the system so you can whiten as young as 11 years old and the system is incredible and it lasts for how long there’s a lot of people are always waiting you know okay it’s gonna cost me money is it good a lot exactly so it’s definitely not cheap but the results last a while my practice has now been open my new practice been open for two years I’ve had patients who have white in two years ago and their teeth are still white so the good thing about the core whitening system which we provide is that you can do touch-ups every three to four months you wear these trays at nighttime for two days and it doesn’t wear the enamel so other systems out there they have a lot of acids in them and that’ll wear the enamel so you can do touch-ups so often but with the core system you can you

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