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Brushing teeth for two minutes is advised by Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, General Dentist and Owner with SOMI Dental Group.
He also recommends flossing all the time, because it helps remove the plaque up to an extra 40 percent. He affirms brushing doesn’t do all the work.
The specialist explains what comprehensive care is.


Minutes brushing your teeth and that’s it we’re done my office D years old and I have zero cavities dental visit I go every six months I am a good patient two minutes two whole minutes Wow put your favorite song on on your phone and don’t stop brushing until you’re done can you imagine what about flossing there I am awful I don’t know about you our viewers do you floss hmm I’m gonna say a lot of them are looking at me right now going not really old guy so flossing how important is that one super important I’ll be honest I’m one of the few dentists that I was young and I didn’t floss and now I see the importance of it so a lot of the times just brushing doesn’t help as good as it would be with floss all the time flossing will help even increase removing plaque up to an extra 40 percent so just brushing doesn’t do all of it and that’s when you get a lot of buildup a lot of tartar and that’s when you get into like all the gingivitis and exactly it’s like that which we’re gonna be talking about very soon tell us about your approach to comprehensive oral health so as a dentist practicing in Miami I was really hard for me because I was an associate and basically the doctors would tell you exactly what to do the reason why was so hard is because a lot of the doctors in Miami do what’s called spot treatments so if someone comes in with pain and something hurts those think of only that specific tooth but they don’t really think about what’s on the backburner mm-hmm so in our office we practice comprehensive care so if someone comes in with pain we obviously treat it but we try to identify what the problem is that got that patient there you dig

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