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Danger! Social Media & Kids Town Hall

Special thanks to the Eunice Joyce Gardiner Foundation for their generous philanthropy.


Friday, March 22nd at 7:00 PM

Live on Health Channel, AllHealthGo’s Facebook, and YouTube page, or stream on www.AllHealthTV.com/TownHall

The earlier that children gain access to screens and social media, the higher their likelihood of developing mental health disorders becomes. The numbers are staggering, and the research is frightening. The US Surgeon General has issued a stark warning regarding the perils associated with social media use. In the Danger! Social Media & Kids Town Hall, we will explore strategies to assist children and teenagers in navigating the challenges and risks posed by social media, focusing on effective coping mechanisms.


  • Carla Hill


  • Emma Benoit – Suicide Survivor & Speaker
  • Khadija Watkins, MD – Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School
  • Scarlet Constant, MD – Pediatrician
  • Loree Sutton, MD – Psychiatrist
  • LaToya Lewis, Ed. D- CI, MSN, RN – University of Miami

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