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To treat acute back pain the first thing to do is consulting a physician, affirms Dr. Melissa Guanche, Physiatrist at Baptist Health Neuroscience Center.

Anti-inflammatories are one of the best indications for acute pain, she says, but it’s very important that the patient makes sure he can take them, rather no longer than two weeks.

Fresh natural food can help anti-inflammatory, the specialist argues, and also adds that when all the traditional treatment doesn’t work, the doctor can recommend some injections.


We talked about anti-inflammatories what’s your recommendation when someone starts that they obviously work for that matter and do you recommend them? I do I’m a fan of anti-inflammatories for acute pain it’s very important that you first make sure you can take them if you’ve ever been told by your primary care physician that you have a condition and you can’t take them avoid them for acute pain I like them I definitely tell all my patients take your anti-inflammatories with food and take them as directed if the recommended dose is not helping you then it’s not helping you it’s not time to double up and for a short duration I would say probably not longer than two weeks if you’ve been doing anti-inflammatories for two weeks and you’re not feeling any better that’s a sign for me that you should be calling your doctor. You mentioned foods doctor can we just touch upon maybe what foods you recommend in terms of maybe helping with that inflammation? Absolutely so when it comes to food anti-inflammatory foods meaning we want fresh natural foods we want to avoid processed foods processed meats canned foods I tell my patients when you go to the grocery store stick to the perimeter of the grocery store that’s where you’ll find your fruits your vegetables when you go through the aisles you’ll find lots of canned goods lots of lots of junk try to stay away from that stuff. That’s fantastic I just never realized it and then I’m actually going through the supermarket and go that’s right dairy produce the protein fantastic I like that how about injections a lot of people sometimes say you know I’m just not crazy about this idea should we do it? When they are indicated yes injections have a role for acute pain you need to see a physician there’s so many things that you can do prior to an injection different types of medications therapy alternatives sometimes massage works but injections also have a role if you’ve done all the conservative stuff if you’ve done your therapy you’ve done your medicines and you’re not getting better there might be an injection that can help you in my practice I perform epidural injections I perform what’s called the set blocks they’re not indicated for everybody and they’re individualized for different types of back pain.

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