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Types of Facial Peels, Health Channel

Dr. Annie Gonzalez, Dermatologist with Sunset Dermatology, says some very deep resurfacing lasers, like a CO2 and erbium laser, can help tighten the skin and it can help you diminish a lot of the wrinkles, but it is not going to address volume loss, which a filler will.

There are peels, superficial peels, and deeper peels. She recommends being careful with the appliance, because it depends on the skin type of the patient.


Types of Facial Peels, Health Channel

Let’s move on to laser treatments. Can a laser in essence flatten out a wrinkle fill it out? > So very depending on what laser we’re talking about some very resurfacing lasers that are very deep like a co2 laser and erbium for example those are very deep resurfacing lasers that can help to tighten the skin and it can help you diminish a lot of these wrinkles, but it’s not gonna address volume loss which a filler will. So it’s very nice for the deep you know the superficial wrinkles to for tightening of the skin but it’s not gonna give us the volume that our filler well. > Peels, superficial peels, deeper peels what’s the difference between them so it all depends on how deep into the skin the PIO is penetrating based on the substance of the peel. So depending on if the pigment if obviously on the consultation of the patient we assess if the pigmentation is due to sun damage it’s more superficially set pigmentation versus deeper pigmentation or post inflammatory type of pigmentation in darker skin patients that’s how we’re gonna choose a combination of acids that we’re gonna use an appeal in order to improve mostly usually pigmentation issues to some degree very superficial lines or textural issues like pore size and elasticity. > So peels are good for everybody the way you the way you describe it. > Correct. Peels definitely you’ve gotta be careful because it depends on the skin type of the patient the skin color the patient where you would select specific peel also how naive the patient is when it comes to the skin care that patient already has in place you don’t want to give appeal and induce more irritation by putting these asses in somebody’s face and that in the long run could a worsen their pre-existing condition especially that patient doesn’t have proper skin care.

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