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Types of Sugar, Health Channel

Dextrose, maltose, glucose, fructose, corn sweetener, honey, corn syrup, sucrose, sorbitol, lactose, syrup, and molasses are some of the types of sugar.

Dr. Deepa Sharma, Family Medicine Physician with Baptist Health Primary Care, says if you want to be very careful about how much sugar you are having, and in the journey to try to improve your sugar intake, sometimes you may need to use artificial sweeteners to help you reach a healthy dietary goal, which is about six teaspoons of sugar per day.


Types of Sugar, Health Channel

Now with so many different names for sugar it can be easy to overlook no can you tell us something about the differences and the types of sugar that we consume what are some of these names mean so this is a list of some of the many names that are out there for sugar I think that this is helpful for us too in the big picture know that there are tons of names for sugar there are lots of hidden sugars added sugars specifically in this list some of these are natural occurring sugars that we see in fruits some of these are synthetic or man-made sugars some of these are derivatives so there are lots of different types but sugar is sugar after all yes so whether it’s artificially made or not it’s just well you recommend the artificially you shouldn’t even have in your diet yeah we usually recommend you know it’s first of all you want to be very careful about how much sugar you have in your diet and then you know and in the journey to try and improve your sugar intake sometimes you may need to use artificial sweeteners to kind of help you towards a healthy dietary goal so you know the goal is to have you know as we were talking about earlier up to about 6 teaspoons of sugar per day and then understanding that’s a process and a journey it’s not gonna happen you know overnight as a physician dr. Sharma what are the long-term effects of having a high sugar diet what do you see in your patients so typically having excessive sugars does result in conditions obvious conditions such as diabetes this is not healthy for your organs including the tiny little vessels and the kidney the brain the eyes as well as the bigger vessels it’s not healthy for the liver the pancreas the organs of the kidney so certainly there are a lot of conditions that results we worry most about diabetes and prediabetes in primary care you

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