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Ways to Prevent Teeth Stains |

For avoiding stains, Diana Perez-Caballero, Lead Dental Hygienist with SOMI Dental Group, advises to her patients to avoid smoking and eating some foods that have certain types of pigments that are going to stain their teeth.
Coffee, tea and red wine also can stain teeth, she says.
The expert doesn’t recommend using any oil pulling or turmeric to clean stains. She advises, for an extra pearly white of teeth, doing a whitening treatment, in a controlled environment.


What’s the best way Diana to avoid getting those stains and you know cuz they’re ugly right now I know right well basically like the video was explaining you should always avoid you know smoking there’s a lot of you know pigments on certain foods I normally wouldn’t tell my patients don’t need this don’t need that don’t do this and do that what I generally say is if you’re gonna have something that you know that it’s going to stain your teeth and you don’t wander to happen I just carry your toothpaste and your toothbrush with you or just simply rinse with water that’ll do water will help you keep that stain away because all of that like the video was explaining its outside on your teeth right right what are some examples I’m gonna assume coffee is up there mm-hm okay yeah terrible no matter what one of the things that we drink or eat red wine tea teas are really up there I recently heard or read somewhere in a magazine that match up tea have you heard about matcha I don’t like tea but I’ve never heard it yeah that one doesn’t stink so if you’re a big tea drinker you should you could try that all right I also heard and I’m gonna read it cuz I jotted it down here that some people will use oils and tumeric tumeric really yes that is you know nowadays like I mentioned before with this movement that people want to be like more organic and their oral care I definitely don’t recommend that it hasn’t been proven scientifically that it works so don’t just use a regular toothpaste with a whitening agent and that will help you remove your extra key extrinsic stain you know the outside stain of your teeth rinse with water after you have something that could stain don’t do any oil pulling no turmeric none of that works go to your dental or dental hygienist or dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups and if you want that extra pearly white of your teeth just don’t whitening treatment do it in a controlled environment in the office where the dot dog hi Janice can examine you and make sure you’re completely healthy before you put any abrasive ingredient on your teeth you

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