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6 Essential Nutrients the Body Needs |

6 Essential Nutrients the Body Needs, Health Channel

6 Essential Nutrients the Body Needs In an interview with the Health Channel, Angie Placeres, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, describes what the six essential nutrients the body needs and where to get them from. 

The six essential nutrients that our body needs are carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Angie explains that these nutrients are essential because the body cannot produce them on its own, so we need to supplement these things for our bodies with food. 

Angie says that it is a shame that people always talk about carbs being bad for you because they are such an essential nutrient. Angie mentions that since the 80’s “we’ve been having all these different fad diets that are high-protein, low-carb. So, I think that’s why carbs have gotten such a bad rap.” However, carbohydrates are an essential nutrient that your body requires to function throughout the day. Even at night, while you are sleeping, your body is using carbohydrates to maintain your brain and heart rate. If you are exercising you are also going to need more carbohydrates because that is what your body is using to fuel your activity, like gasoline. “I like to call carbohydrates the high-octane gasoline of the body,” Angie says. 

There are different sources of carbohydrates that the body can use. There are energy dense carbs, like whole grains, and there are carbs that are packed with calories but not a lot of nutrition. Some good sources of carbohydrates are brown rice and quinoa, which have become more popular in recent years and easier to access in the grocery store. Quinoa can also be a good source of fiber and protein. Brown rice or any kind of whole-grain cereal or bread are much better, more nutrient dense, alternatives to white grains, which are stripped of a lot of their nutrients. So it is important to take note of the quality and nutrient density of the food you are eating. 

To watch the full segment of Angie Placeres explaining what foods make up the six essential nutrients our bodies need, visit https://youtu.be/B5pcn-qY-80 

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