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Secuelas de La Pandemia y Nuestra Salud Mental

Que nos depara el 2023? ¿Siente estrés o ansiedad debido a las noticias y situaciones de salud?. La ansiedad puede ser abrumadora. Todavia seguimos tomando precauciones y, algunos de nosotros, con secuelas por condiciones de salud. La pandemia de COVID-19 comenzó alrededor de 3 años atrás y su impacto y seciuela abrumadores siguen afectando, de alguna forma, a millones de ...
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Las Felices Fiestas: Como vencer la tristeza

Ya entramos de pleno en las semanas de fiestas de Navidad y Año Nuevo. Si bien para la mayoría de las personas las fiestas son motivo de alegría, recordemos que en nuestro país existen millones de personas afectadas por la depresión. La pandemia y sus consecuencias nos obligaron a adoptar conductas que se ajustan a nuestra ...
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Postpartum Struggles, Health Channel

Postpartum Struggles

Most women are not prepared for what the body and mind go through after having a baby and this can sometimes become a huge struggle for a lot of moms. On an episode of Health Insiders, Teba Orueta, the CEO of DeNatura Wellness, talks about the postpartum experience and how mothers can take care of ...
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What Are Miscarriage Warning Signs, Health Channel

What Are Miscarriage Warning Signs

In an interview with the Health Channel, Dr. Alejandra Salazar, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, describes warning signs that show you may be experiencing some form of miscarriage. The most common symptoms of miscarriages are bleeding and abdominal pain. The cramps will feel like period cramps. In the case of an ectopic ...
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Warning Signs Of Premature Labor, Health Channel

Warning Signs of Premature Labor 

In an interview with the Health Channel, Dr. Alejandra Salazar, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, describes symptoms of premature labor and what to do if you experience any of those symptoms.  Warning signs of premature labor can be like normal pregnancy symptoms, so it can be difficult to decipher what is an ...
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Baby Development 0 3 Months, Health Channel

Baby Development: 0-3 Months

Babies develop a lot in the first three months. It is important as a parent to know what to expect. In an interview with the Health Channel, Leah Vega, a Physical Therapist with Center for Women, and Infants at South Miami Hospital describes the changes a baby goes through in its first few stages of ...
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Taking Care Of New Moms, Health Channel

Taking Care of New Moms

The first few weeks of motherhood can be stressful, and mothers can find it difficult to keep up. In an interview with the Health Channel, Nancy Martinez, a Mother Baby Clinical Educator with Homestead Hospital, assures that these feelings are completely normal.  Mothers often find it difficult to get enough sleep, which can become a ...
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Youth Suicide Prevention: Should We Talk About It?

Media frequently publishes stories of adults suiciding, which affects us all differently. But when it comes to young people who decide to end their lives, our reaction is more complex: pain, grief, shame and, what is more painful, in most cases, the family feels guilty for not having identified what their loved one was suffering ...
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