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Benefits of Breast Reconstruction |

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction, Health Channel

Improving women self-esteem and body image, partially erasing physical reminders and requiring additional surgery to correct problems are some of the benefits of breast reconstruction.
Dr. Miguel Angel Medina, Director of Microsurgery with Miami Cancer Institute, says everyone has different tolerances for asymmetries and for little things, but he says they work through all those kinds of patients.


Benefits of Breast Reconstruction, Health Channel

And there’s a lot of benefits to having the breast reconstruction especially when it comes to image which is important right it’s very important we have a graphic here of all the benefits that come from having our reconstructive surgery improving yourself in steam and body image partially erase physical reminders although I don’t think you ever ever forget and you feel whole there you go that’s a good way of putting it I like that and require additional surgery to correct problems those are all important absolutely do you ever have a patient come in doctor and say you know I just don’t I don’t like the way came out absolutely it does happen we had we have personal patients and we see patients that were referred to us for long-term implants often needs some maintenance and so we’re always trying to refine those results and really assist our patients to feel like they’re they’ve completed the process and they’re able to move beyond it and and so it’s different everyone has different tolerances for asymmetries and for a little things and sometimes they’re big things and we try and work through all of those that’s fantastic and what do you recommend what lifestyle changes after someone has undergone a surgery like this yeah I think it you know again as we talked about earlier it’s really just about clean healthy living being active eating you know lean things low fat things low glycemic index not smoking and being fit and active and those things make a huge difference in patients outcomes both pre and post surgery you

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