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Complications after Wisdom Tooth Surgery |

There are two possible complications after wisdom tooth surgery: dry socket and paresthesia.
Dr. Teresa Lozano, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains paresthesia is numbness in the lower jaw. She advises following patients closely and monitoring them for recovery of the nerve.
The specialist affirms a week after having the procedure, a patient can notice numbness. It’s one of the risks of having wisdom teeth removal.


But isn’t it true that just with any procedure there are some possible complications that could crop up though they’re rare let’s throw some some of them and this is true right there are complications no matter what surgery you do yes the only person that doesn’t have complication is the one that doesn’t do the procedures yes you’re going to run into some complications I mean minor complications like bleeding infection we can treat rapidly you mentioned the dry socket it’s one of the complications paresthesia which is the nominees number numbness in the in the usually the lower jaw were the neurons inside the jaw the lady that called before was having pain at the site of the injection but you can also have paresthesia which is the numbness right and it may be a permanent thing even me a temporary thing it may be related to just inflammation of the area where the tooth was extracted that’s putting pressure on the nerves so in that case you would need to prescribe some anti-inflammatories to bring that swelling down sometimes we have to follow the patient closely and monitor for maybe recovery of the nerve now what time does this at what point after the surgery does this sort of come up and a patient should call their doctor yeah usually within the week okay of having the procedure you you notice this numbness and it can be bothersome it doesn’t affect the movement of the lip it’s just a sensation so you may bite your lip my mistake you may be drinking coffee and drooling and not notice Wow so it’s bothersome right it’s not the end of the world but it’s bothersome if you can be avoided obviously we try but it’s one of the risks of having your wisdom teeth removed another risk that may have been is a sinus communication when you remove the upper wisdom tooth there may be a little hole or gap where the air leaks or fluids from the mouth right answer the nose you would have to stitch it up and sometimes you have to go in and a second there is a second time and do a more permanent closure but those are rare complications luckily wisdom teeth extractions have you know a low incidence of sit down correctly you

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