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Kalley Casey, a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) patient, says when she was 28 weeks pregnant she woke up and noticed that her calf started to hurt. She thought it was a cramp, but by the early evening it was excruciating to the point where she couldn’t even walk on her leg.

Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says Kalley had the classic symptoms and pregnancy is a big risk factor for DVT. She points out a pregnant woman complaining of calf pain is such a serious health risk.


You’re pregnant with your second child congratulations thank you you’re gonna be a brave mom – under – yeah I’m a little nervous you are superwoman okay so before we talk about your current conceit tell us a little about what expirience doing your first pregnancy with with TPT sure so when I was 28 weeks pregnant it was a regular Saturday I woke up and I noticed that my calf started to hurt I thought that maybe it was a cram I went to a Pilates class I continued about my day I thought well maybe I a graded the cramp at Pilates but by the early evening it was excruciating to the point where I I couldn’t even walk on my leg so I actually called dr. Schwartz Mart’s office and she advised me if I was concerned to go to the ER and then I was diagnosed with the DVT oh my goodness okay so the extreme pain was what drove you to call dr. Schwartz cart was there anything else that you were experiencing that was out of the ordinary for the pregnancy no actually up until that point had had a very healthy normal pregnancy but my mom actually had a DVT after having foot surgery maybe ten years prior so I was pretty familiar with the symptoms and what she had gone through so as soon as the pain started to get really really bad that’s when I became concerned and I actually she’s a nurse as well so I called her she said why don’t you call your doctor and then of course dr. Schwartz part said I think you should go to the ER so how many clots did you actually have I had two Wow right behind my kneecap now dr. Schwartz part she mentioned her family history of DVT and it’s something that we hadn’t mention exactly and now here we are with not one but two two blood clots is this normal that out of the blue Sheikh start experiencing this well we didn’t mention how DVT in general is rare but she had the classic symptoms and pregnancy is a big risk factor for DVT so we didn’t talk about DVT in general but a pregnant woman complaining of calf pain you just don’t hesitate it has to go and get checked it is such a potential serious health risk I mean Mike talked a little bit about pulmonary embolism but you have to be very proactive and going evaluated you.

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