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Pregnancy is possible even if there are fibroids. Dr. Alberto Sirven, Obstetrician & Gynecologist with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, affirms everything depends on the size and location of them. They wouldn’t necessarily cause miscarriage, but they tend to cause contractions, preterm labor and increase risk factors of those conditions.
There are multiple treatment options. Hysterectomy is the last option, the expert says. Fibroids also can cause infertility.


So let’s talk about that last myth because you know when you hear that you get a little concerned especially if you want to you know get pregnant doctors so it’s really not true right well fibrosis in general don’t necessarily will not allow you to get pregnant depending on the location of the fibroids and the size of the fibroids my effect for you the ability for you to get pregnant now as far as fibroids allowing you to stay pregnant fibroids wouldn’t necessarily cause a miscarriage but they do tend to cause an irregular contraction preterm labor and all those things to impregnate see so there is increased risk factors when you have fibroids and 2 for both increased risk of infertility increased risk of miscarriages or threatened abortion or preterm labor now one of the important things that I think was described this clip that is so important that fibroids have multiple treatment options and not necessarily hysterectomy I mean the hysterectomy is the last resource of therapy so I think we’re gonna discuss that a little further what I think is important for patients to know that yes fibroids could cause you don’t have infertility depending where they’re located but not necessarily and they could cause preterm labor or miscarriages but not necessarily you.

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