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High Cholesterol Risk Factors, Health Channel

There are several high cholesterol risk factors such as: high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, family history and age.
Also, these overall factors are risks for cardiovascular diseases, affirms Dr. Deepa Sharma, Family Medicine Physician with Baptist Health Primary Care.
Managing all risk factors can prevent any cardiovascular problem, she says.


High Cholesterol Risk Factors, Health Channel

And I want to talk about those risk factors of high cholesterol we do have a graphic and if dr. Schurman we can talk about these and what these mean and if you’re at risk for for high cholesterol so so a lot of this there’s things that we’ve been discussing in terms of the numbers and so certainly high blood pressure you know these overall are risk factors for cardiovascular disease and so that’s what we’re really trying to prevent here having you know have a healthy aging protect our organs to help us all age in a healthy active way so high blood pressure pre-diabetes these are conditions that do affect your cardiovascular health and so certainly you would need to have your cholesterol more closely managed obesity as well sedentary lifestyle you know increasingly we are not be you know not active absolutely so you know it is important to be active for your heart it’s important to be active to manage your cholesterol your blood sugar your blood pressure being overweight ties back to obesity family history we do know there’s a genetic component to how our blood sugars are controlled our cholesterol is controlled and so certainly knowing if your family is at risk helps you understand what you need to do to better prepare yourself an age we can’t change that where that number keeps going up [Laughter] you

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