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Understanding ADHD Behaviors and Causes |

Understanding ADHD Behaviors and Causes

Inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity are all signs of ADHD. In an interview with the Health Channel, Joanna Garcia and Martin Lopez, Psychotherapists with Baptist Health Care and Counseling, give details on different ADHD behaviors and what causes them.

For example, there are many behaviors that are associated with inattention, such as having a short attention span for their age, a hard time listening to others, hard time paying attention to details, being easily distracted, forgetful, and having poor organizational and study skills. Joanna says that all of these behaviors are linked to the prefrontal cortex. 

Understanding ADHD Behaviors and Causes, Health ChannelUnderstanding ADHD Behaviors and Causes, Health Channel

Another example Joanna gives is how people with ADHD tend to procrastinate or put things off until the last minute. Joanna says that this happens because people with ADHD “have poor time horizons. So, that’s where you see running late, poor time management, not being able to organize, things like that.” 

Martin continues by saying that just like inattention, there are many behaviors that make up impulsivity, such as interrupting others and finding it difficult to wait for their turn. Martin says that mainly though, people with ADHD often find themselves acting without thought. 

Hyperactivity can also appear in different ways, such as a child always needing to be in motion, being fidgety or squirming, talking a lot, having a hard time doing quiet activities, or not being able to stay on task. “One of the more common ways we will notice these symptoms is in the classroom setting. So, that kid that gets up to throw something away every two seconds and it ends up causing a disruptive behavior, which then calls attention to them, resulting in consequences, and negative attention from the teacher,” Joanna explains. 

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