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Backache, contractions, cramping, and fluid leaking are some of the warning signs of preterm labor. Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says it is important to discuss those signs with your doctor when you feel cramping and pain.

He points out the physician will help you determine whether they are normal signs of pregnancy or preterm labor signs, and he also explains preterm labor does not mean you will have a preterm birth.


We also have a graphic of some of the warning signs of premature labor in case you are currently pregnant right now you can look out for these when I was reading them doctor I was also aware that these are also very common symptoms of you going into labor as well but these are some warning signs backache contractions cramping fluid leaking you know I I kind of experienced that when I was going into labor and I was full term so how do you decipher that there is all those signs that are mentioned in there increase the chances of preterm labor but also common signs as you mentioned early during pregnancy I think the important thing is first of all to discuss it with your physician when you feel this situation and this cramping and this pain and where in the pregnancy you are is they’re very different from being a past 37 weeks than prior to 37 weeks so I think the relationship with the physician is one of those things that’s going to help you significant to determine whether those are signs normal signs of pregnancy or they’re associated with preterm labor are there some there that are a bit more serious where you think okay this cannot be kind of full-term stuff I saw it for example vaginal bleeding that would be a little bit more of a roughly definitely bad you know bleeding will be associated with higher chances of preterm labor yeah and leaking fluid is also something that you weren’t very concern about contractions if they’re if they could become regular they’re definitely associated with increased chance of preterm labor all right and we’re going to talk more about preterm births a little bit later in the show but for now we want to clarify for our viewers that preterm labor doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a preterm birth is that correct doctor that is correct and that the idea here is that you prevent from having a preterm birth you will have a certain amount of preterm labor and the increased risk of having a premature baby but not necessarily means that you will have one you.

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