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How dangerous is having a long-term inflammation? Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb, Orthopedic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about how inflammation can cause nerve damage in the spine, and how stress increases the inflammation around the nerves.


What’s that correlation there what’s happening in the body because inflammation we need it it helps the body heal at certain certain point but it’s it’s the long-term inflammation that really it could wreak havoc absolutely defects any great number of our systems and in really in order for a nerve to hurt there has to be some degree of inflammation involved that’s why the non-steroidal medications or the steroids are effective if somebody has pressure on a nerve and the nonsteroidal makes it better it didn’t take the pressure from the nerve away it simply addressed the inflammation and so inflammation plays a huge role in what we experience um and in a number of patients who have stressful jobs or chronic conditions that inflammation is increased and and really everything the body is exacerbated by that sort of unchecked inflammation but specifically when we’re talking about nerves if we can arrest if we can get rid of the inflammation around the nerve typically the pain will go down right and you mentioned something interesting stress and inflammation is there a correlation there between leading a stressful life or being stressed all the time and that causing inflammation in your body there absolutely is and and it really causes the endocrine system to run a bit rampant they can affect appetite mood body composition really everything and we are deeply affected by by our hormonal system so dealing with stress and dealing with stress in a in a healthy way is as important not just for your overall well-being but but also for your back people who are under a lot of stress anxious depressed will feel greater pain than when they are not experienced in those emotions and and dr. Gotlieb how important is nutrition to bone health it’s absolutely essential bone health is something that’s a function of again genetics diet activity and and getting enough sunlight and interestingly enough even even in South Florida we have a tremendous number of people who are vitamin D deficient despite the strength of our Sun because we all tend to put on number 50 sunblock before we go outside but but there’s no substitute for a good diet and you want to have a diet that’s rich fruits and vegetables healthy meats fats and and avoid tobacco excessive alcohol and even excessive caffeine which does sort of have a leeching effect on some of the bone mineral density you

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