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What Are The 7 Healthy Habits For Heart Care  1024x683, Health Channel

What are the 7 Healthy Habits for heart care?

A while back, the Occupy Movement voiced its concern for the 99% of Americans who were not among the top 1% of income earners. There is another 99% (or 98.8% to be exact), however, who may be in a considerably worse position. This is the group of Americans who fail to adhere to the “7 ...
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How And Why Are Joint Replacements Done  1024x666, Health Channel

How and why are joint replacements done?

Hip and knee joint replacement is a procedure that has been performed on millions of Americans since it was introduced around 40 years ago. In most cases, joint replacement is performed because of arthritis. The common feature of the various types of arthritis is that cartilage on the joint surfaces becomes worn out. This results ...
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What Are Some Uncommon Symptoms Of Common Diseases  1024x683, Health Channel

What are some uncommon symptoms of common diseases?

In medicine, there is a saying that “common things are common”, meaning that most conditions seen by doctors are not obscure, nor is the manner in which they present themselves. On occasion, however, illnesses present in unusual ways and it is up to the doctor (with the help of informed patients) to be aware of ...
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How Can I Control Hunger During The Holidays  1024x682, Health Channel

How can I control hunger during the holidays?

Of course being hungry is not a disease, but overeating and excessive weight is clearly a risk to health. Controlling one’s appetite and managing food intake seems to be particularly difficult during the holiday season. According to the National Institutes of Health, Americans gain an average of one pound during this time. While this may ...
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How Contagious Are Respiratory Tract Infections  1024x682, Health Channel

How Contagious are Respiratory Tract Infections?

It’s cold and flu season. Your co-worker in the next cubicle has a mound of Kleenex on his desk, obviously nursing a cold. Following a sneezing fit, you can practically see the germs coming over the cubicle wall seeking someone else to infect. With the common wintertime illnesses, what is your likelihood of becoming infected ...
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What Do These Different Categories Of Food Dating Mean And Are There Exceptions To These Designations  1024x689, Health Channel

What do these different categories of food dating mean and are there exceptions to these designations?

Everyone has seen the dates posted on various food products – “Use-By …”, “Best-By …”, “Sell-By …”. What do these different categories of food dating mean and are there exceptions to these designations? With the exception of infant formula, food dating is not required by the Federal government. Several states, however, impose dating requirements on ...
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How Do I Make The Best Of My Skiing Vacation  1024x682, Health Channel

How do I make the best of my skiing vacation?

Most of the sources that provide information on preparing for ski season focus on building physical endurance and strengthening specific muscles groups. I certainly have no arguments with a gradually increasing cardiovascular exercise program that incorporates some interval training, particularly for those in whom skiing represents a one or two week vacation. Likewise, strengthening exercises, ...
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What Should Be Done For Osteopenia  1024x648, Health Channel

What should be done for osteopenia?

Most people are aware that osteoporosis is a disease characterized by “thinning” of the bones. The reduced bone density in osteoporosis is associated with a susceptibility to fractures, especially of the hip and spine. In the U.S., it is estimated that 10 million individuals, mostly women, have this condition. It is less well understood by ...
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