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Dr. Agustin Arrieta

Dr. Agustin Arrieta, Otolaryngologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains there are certain medications that can lead to some rebound congestion in your nose, but the majority of the time medicines are not the causes. He also explains with chronic inflammation, tissue inflammation balloons out and forms nasal polyp that can obstruct the drainage pathway […]

Dr. Emily Taylor

Audiologist, Taylor Listening Center Dr. Emily Taylor specializes in diagnostic audiology and has experience working with all age groups. She currently practices at Taylor Listening Center in Pikesville, Maryland where services such as diagnostic hearing, hearing aid fitting, ear canal cleaning, custom ear molding, and much more is offered. 

Shelley Minsky

Audiologist with Bethesda Hospital, Baptist Health

Dr. Peter Volsky

Otolaryngologist with Baptist Health South Florida