Heart Health

During American Heart Month, show some love for your heart! Approximately 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day – that’s an average of one death every 40 seconds. While you can’t change factors like age and family history, even modest changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve your heart health and lower your risk by 80 percent.

Triglycerides Heart Health 1024x576, Health Channel

Triglycerides & Heart Health

Healthier Heart 1024x575, Health Channel

Healthier Heart: Diet, Blood Pressure, Oral & Sleep Health

Catching Heart Failure Early Living Minute 1024x576, Health Channel

New Techniques May Help Doctors Find Signs of Heart Failure

Heart Attacks Strokes 1024x576, Health Channel

Heart Disease, a Threat for Men

Living Minute Calcium Supplements May Be Dangerous For Older People With A Common Heart Condition 1024x576, Health Channel

Calcium Supplements May Be Dangerous for Older People with a Common Heart Condition

Increase In Deaths From Heart Attacks Strokes 1024x576, Health Channel

Increase in Deaths from Heart Attacks & Strokes

Living Minute 3D Heart Model Helps With Life Saving Surgery 1024x576, Health Channel

3D Heart Model Helps with Life-Saving Surgery

Living Minute Healing Heart Damage After COVID 1024x576, Health Channel

How to Heal Heart Damage After COVID

Living Minute The Dangers Of Heart Disease In Women 1024x576 1, Health Channel

The Dangers of Heart Disease in Women

Blood Pressure 1024x576, Health Channel

Blood Pressure Rising at Night

Living Minute No Amount Of Alcohol Is Good For You 1024x576 1, Health Channel

No Amount of Alcohol is Good for You

Woman And Stroke 1024x576, Health Channel

Heart Disease in College Students

Heart Disease In College Students 1024x576, Health Channel

Heart Disease in College Students

Whats Your Risk For A Heart Or Stroke Event 1024x576, Health Channel

What’s your risk for a heart or stroke event?

Heart Murmur, Health Channel

What is a Heart Murmur?

Reducing The Risk Of Heart Attacks And Strokes 1024x576, Health Channel

Correcting a Potentially Fatal Heart Rhythm

A High Tech Way To Monitor Your Heart 1024x576, Health Channel

A High-Tech Way to Monitor Your Heart

7 Healthy Habits For Heart Care, Health Channel

7 Healthy Habits for Heart Care

Difference Between Heart Attack And Heart Failure, Health Channel

What is the Difference Between Heart Attack and Heart Failure?

Fish Oil Capsules, Health Channel

Do Fish Oil Capsules Heal My Heart?

Types Of Cholesterol 1024x576, Health Channel

Heart Health: Types of Cholesterol

Breastfeeding, Health Channel

Does Breastfeeding Reduce Mothers’ Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Heart Disease In Women There IS A Difference 1024x576 1, Health Channel

Heart Disease in Women: There IS a Difference

Living Minute Treating Risk Factors To Prevent Strokes 1024x576, Health Channel

Treating Risk Factors to Prevent Strokes