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Elina Melik-Levine

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with Miami Cancer Institute

Dr. Doured Daghistani

Pediatric Oncologist with Miami Cancer Institute

Dr. L. Raúl Arroyo

Dr. L. Raúl Arroyo, Breast Surgeon with Bethesda Hospital, Baptist Health, says having the breast reconstruction done immediately at the time of the mastectomy has some benefits. For example, going in for a mastectomy, but waking up and still having fullness in the breast is very important for patients psychologically. He points out there are […]

Dr. Grace Wang

Dr. Grace Wang, Medical Oncologist with Miami Cancer Institute, says breast cancer survivors need to be as healthy as possible so that when they are in their 90’s they are a good survivor. “We take care of their general health and that they have the best health habits, whether it is diet, exercise, not too […]

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