Our experts in Nutrition

Angie Placeres

Angie Placeres, Registered Dietitian at Baptist Health South Florida, says it is important if you are going to exercise in the afternoon, to make sure you are eating well throughout the day. “Make sure you eat enough complex carbs or starches so that you have that energy source to exercise,” she recommends. She also explains […]

Natalie Castro

Francisco “Tito” Jou, Exercise Physiologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says time-based works out if you are realistic. “Not necessarily you are going to accomplish your goal, but you can review it and make sure you can accomplish it the next time.” “We want to be able to find that realistic balance that we can […]

Cathy Clark-Reyes

Dr. Pascual De Santis, Endocrinologist with Baptist Health South Florida and Cathy Clark-Reyes, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health Primary Care agree exercise is one of the best things for decreasing blood sugar. They explain it is better if exercise routine is combined with a healthy eating plan. Brian Betancourt, Exercise Physiologist with Baptist Health South […]

Caroline Ehrlich

Clinical Director with Oliver-Pyatt Centers